EA Waste Permit

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You will need an EA waste permit if you plan to recycle waste.

The Environment Agency (EA) are the regulator responsible for dealing with companies who import and treat waste.

A permit allows you to accept waste to recycle. It stipulates the type of waste. It also stipulates how you can treat it and how much.

We can help companies apply for an EA waste permit.

Your permit is issued dependant on your site location. That is is it near a river, SSSI or other sensitive area. It is not a given that you will receive a permit. You must not operate a transfer station until you have been granted permit. If you are operating illegally you may be given a fine or a prison sentance.

Each permit granted will be linked to your site and company. Conditions will vary dependant upon location.

In order to operate an EA waste permit, you will need to be a competent operator. The competency scheme in the UK is WAMITAB.

WAMITAB qualifications are obtained via courses but also by training at your site.

If you need help on applying for a permit. If you need help with the fire prevention plan or other supporting documents. Call Paul Downing & Associates Ltd for an informal discussion.

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