Waste Licence Application

Paul Downing

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many companies apply for a waste licence application. Most of these businesses have been waste management companies. They also usually run a recycling centre. In many cases they operate a metal recycling or disposal business.

A waste licence application is the same as an environmental permit application. You apply to the Environment Agency.

There are two main types of waste licences. Standard rules permits & bespoke permits. Permits comes with their own set of published conditions. Bespoke permits are more complicated to apply for.

We can help you decide which type of permit to apply for depending on your business and site location.

The permit application process can therefore be lengthy and complicated. You will need to comply with the fire prevention guidance. A permit is tied to a piece of land. It is not moveable.

When you apply for a bespoke permit therefore the application is advertised. Similar to a planning application. A standard rules permit will take 4-6 months to be determined at least . A bespoke permit also may therefore take a few months more.

The recycling sector is currently very buoyant and even smaller businesses therefore are finding it profitable. This is especially so when it comes to metal recycling of vehicle breakers.

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