Standard Rules Environment Agency Permit

Paul Downing

You may need a standard rules Environment Agency permit if your industrial or manufacturing business is regulated under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016.

A standard rules Environment Agency permit is just that, a permit with standard rules that are published. You need to decide if you can comply with them before you apply. If you cannot comply with any part of the permit, then you may need to apply for a “bespoke” environmental permit. This is a permit where you tell the EA what ┬ávolumes and types of waste you want to treat and what treatment activities that you want to be regulated for. You will of course pay more for this type of tailored permit.

A standard rules permit is easier to apply for and comply with, so you should always see if your business can operate within one of these permits first. It isn’t always possible of course as your business may be located next to a SSSI, or nature reserve, in which case the initial conservation screen that you complete will show that you are not eligible to apply for a standard rules Environment Agency permit.

A list of standard rules permits can be found on the EA website, there are a bewildering array of permit available for all types of businesses. you need to read each carefully before you apply. You will need to supply a risk assessment, management system procedures, site plans, drainage plans, WAMITAB qualifications for waste and fire prevention plans depending on your industry type.


Paul Downing & Associates have over 25 years experience of permitting with many industrial types of businesses and understand the complexities of applying for and complying with your environmental permit. We can offer a one-stop service, from scoping your permit application, dealing with the EA on your behalf to compliance and post application support.


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