Site Waste Licence

Paul Downing

A site waste licence is required if you want to set up a waste yard or recycling centre. These licences are also know as waste management licences or environmental permits.

A site waste licence is tied to a piece of land. Therefore, If you wish to set up a new recycling business. Such as tyres, metal, vehicle or other recycling, you need to apply for a site waste licence.

Licences and permits are issued by the Environment Agency. The process is long winded and currently takes several months to be approved.

You will need to prove that your operations will not have an impact on your local environment. Where you site is located is critical to a successful application. You will also find it difficult to set up a metal recycling yard next to a SSSI or nature reserve or other sensitive receptor.

You will therefore need to provide several supporting surveys along with your application. These should prove that you will not impact the local environment. Contaminated land, fire surveys and air surveys are the types of information required to be submitted.

We have helped many businesses large and small get started as recycling businesses, we are experienced in how the process works and how to obtain the correct licences as efficiently as possible.

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