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There are numerous risk assessments environmental permits & applications to the Environment Agency.

The most widely requested risk assessment is an H1 risk assessment. This identifies multi faceted risks to air, water, land related to your proposed operations. The EA have an H1 software tool for larger installations risk assessments. This, however is rather unweildy and has to be completed in a MS database.

However, there is a simpler excel type of risk assessment that is used for many standard rules type permits.

Additionally, For more specific risk assessments environmental permits there is H5 for site condition reports. H3 for noise assessments and numerous other risk assessments. In 2019 the EA started to ask for risk assessments relating to climate change and flooding. These are fairly straight forward to complete and operate on a straight forward numerical scale.

Ultimately, it is for the applicant to decide therefore, which risk assessments environmental permits are required therefore for each type of application. If you are in a sensitive area such as a SSSI. Then you will need to consider the receptors that may be impacted by your operations.

Paul Downing & Associates, have completed many risk assessments as part of a bespoke permit application for many clients. Call us for more information on how we can help you.

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