Permit Application Fees

Paul Downing

The Environment Agency have updated their permit application fees & charging scheme for 2018. The new fees take effect from the 1st April 2018.

Instead of a flat fee for most standard rules permits, each type of permit now has it’s own flat fee, so the application fee for SR2015 No 18 (which was £1,630) has now jumped to £3,926 and for SR 2012 No15 (was £1,630) it is now £2,641.

The Environment Agency says that the new permit application fees are required in order to justify the regulatory time and work required to determine the application and to regulate the permit once it has been issued.

As well as permit application fees being increased for standard rules permits, the charging scheme for bespoke and installation permits has also been changed. The complicated OPRA (Operator & Performance Risk Assessment) spreadsheet appears to have been replaced by a more transparent system of fee tables that identify a generic application fee with several components that may be added to enable a realistic fee to be arrived at. These components may include the presence of an effluent plant on-site, the requirement to have a fire prevention plan or odour management plan in the permit application or other element.

Subsistence fees have also increased in line with the new permit application fees.

It is no surprise that the general fees have increased significantly over the previous charging scheme. Since the introduction of fire prevention plans in 2016 the time and effort taken by both the applicant and the Environment Agency in approving these plans has increased dramatically and the EA is obviously under pressure to recover these costs wherever possible. Whilst it is inevitable that the new charging scheme would provide for an increase in fees, it does not necessarily mean that the permit application process is beyond the reach of most operators. Small operators will realise that a legal and properly operated business will add value to their waste management business when/if they come to sell their company after a number of years.

Environment Agency Permit Application Charging Scheme 2018.


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