Installation Permit Application

Paul Downing

An Installation is defined in the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. If your business meets the thresholds set, then you will need to apply for an installation permit. These will all have different volumes and thresholds determining the type of environmental permit you need. The top most tier is the “installation” permit. The Environment Agency issues and regulates these permits.

Usually you need an installation permit if you are a large scale (by volume) producer. This may be waste, foodstuffs, manufacturing or any other activity covered by the regs.

However, the application for these type of permits is therefore complex and costly. In addition, EA application fees of £25-35k are not unusual. These type of permits attract the highest Environment Agency fees, usually because of other associated activities related to the main process. These can be CHP plant, effluent plants, boilers etc..

Numerous surveys and plans comprise an installation permit application. Above all, failure to operate without one can therefore lead to prosecution, fines or closure of your business.

You must therefore allow at least a year. Applications tan take 18 months. It is vital therefore that you initiate an application before you build or commission a new manufacturing facility covered under the reg’s.

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