General Binding Rules

Paul Downing

The general binding rules issued by the Environment Agency are a set of conditions for discharges to groundwater and surface water for package plants.

If you have a small effluent treatment plant to treat domestic or commercial sewage effluent. It will need to be permitted before you can discharge to a river or drainage field.

The rules are a set of conditions which will exempt you from applying for a permit. They are not particularly easy to interpret however.

If you cannot meet the conditions of the rules then you will have to apply for an environmental permit. This will be prior to discharge the treated effluent to the environment.

There are very limited standard rules permits available when it comes to effluent discharges. Many applications are unique so you will have to apply for a bespoke permit. If you possibly can, try to comply with the general binding rules, however, we realise that in many circumstances you will have no choice but to apply for a permit.

Paul Downing & Associates Ltd have a long history in helping organisations such as golf clubs, hotels, developers, farms and other organisations not on the mains sewer. We can help you size your treatment plant and help you apply for the correct permit to discharge.

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