EPR Permit

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An EPR Permit (Environmental Permitting Regulations) is a permit issued by the Environment Agency.

The legislation surrounding who needs and how to apply for an EPR Permit is complex. If you are caught under the regulations then your operations are regulated by the EA. Environmental Permits impose strict controls over emissions to air, land and water. Failure to comply can result in fines or imprisonment for the most extreme cases.

Do I Need An EPR Permit?

Most commercial business are not caught under the regulations. However if you operate a food factory, incinerator, power station, CHP or AD plant then you are more than likely covered by the regulations.

Many organisations are not clear if they are covered by the regulations. Because of the differing thresholds for many of the sectors and types of pollutants emitted, each business has a very specific profile which needs to be gauged against the regulations.

Paul Downing & Associates has helped many organisation to decide if they are covered by the EPR Regulations. Can can audit and profile your business then decide if it is appropriate for you to apply for a permit.

Of course it may be obvious if the EA come knocking, however sometimes it is not always clear if you are covered under the regs. Call us if you think you might need to apply.

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