Environmental Permit Low Risk Surrender

Paul Downing

If your company has ceased trading or if you have gone into liquidation. You may need to complete an environmental permit low risk surrender.

An environmental permit does not expire. If you cease trading you can surrender it or transfer it to another company.

A full surrender is expensive and time consuming. It will cost almost as much as the original application and take just as long. If there is contamination under the site you may need to provide soil and groundwater data.

An environmental permit low risk surrender is one option. However you need to get the Environment Agency to agree that the surrender is indeed low risk.

A low risk surrender requires you to show the following:

  • The site has been run in accordance to the permit since it was issued
  • There have been no major accidents or incidents that could impact the environment
  • There is no increase in contamination from site operations
  • All EA inspection reports and compliance assessments show good compliance
  • The surrender documents reference the original site condition report when the permit was applied for

We have helped many organisations surrender or transfer their environmental permits. If the permit is not surrendered. You are still liable for that piece of land even if a third party moves onto it.

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