Environmental Permit How Long?

Paul Downing

To answer the question, environmental permit how long will it take? we need to consider the current EA (Environment Agency) backlog after the 2020/21 pandemic. The EA states 3 months for standard rules and 4 months for a bespoke waste permit. However you can easily double these times given the backlog. I have applications from January 2021 that haven’t even yet been acknowledged by the EA. So if you are planning to apply for a permit, make sure you allow plenty of time for your business to be legal.

During the course of a “normal” permit application the time from submission to “duly made” can take several months. Currently this is taking longer than usual and in some cases can be 6 months or more. Once the application is duly made the EA then ask for more information about the details of the application. This process usually takes another few months. Currently this process is also taking several months longer than usual.

In conclusion and in answer to the question – Environmental permit how long? – for a standard rules permit you need to allow 6-8 months in the current climate. For a bespoke permit you need to allow a few months more for the public advertising..

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