Bespoke Permit

Paul Downing

bespoke permitIf you operate a business that is required to apply for an environmental permit but you cannot meet any of the standard rules permit conditions, then you will need to apply for a bespoke permit.

A bespoke permit is just that, an environmental permit tailored to your particular business requirements in terms of waste volumes, your location, operating techniques and processes you may want to operate on site such as shearing, baling, cutting etc.

Whilst a bespoke permit is more practical from your business point of view, it also is more expensive to apply for (can be up to 10x more than a standard rules application) and administer. The annual subsistence charge is higher and the Environment Agency wil want to see more stringent controls and procedures in place.

One of the main reasons that a bespoke permit is required is that the standard rules permit often have location conditions stating that the operation cannot be run less than 200m from a SSSI or SPA or other sensitive site. If this is the case then bespoke is your only option even though you may be able to meet all other standard rules conditions.

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