Environmental Permit Application

Paul Downing

We can help you make an environmental permit application to either to the Environment Agency or Local Authority. Both regimes are regulated under the Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC) or Environmental Permitting (EP) Regulations. You may therefore need the support of an environmental consultant as this process is not straight forward.

You will also need to submit a site condition report for an environmental permit application. A site condition report (H5) is required therefore in order to establish baseline ground/groundwater conditions. All permit applications also require an environmental risk assessment (H1). An environmental management system (EMS) is often also required with the application. We will complete any monitoring required as part of the application process. We will provide all the supporting surveys you require

You may need to apply for a standard rules or bespoke permit depending on your site location. The requirement for a bespoke permit its based on several factors. Such as  location and industry type. Your location and scoping of the work required at the outset is the key to preparing a successful application.

If you need help with an environmental permit application and the supporting surveys. Please do not hesitate to contact us direct for a free initial consultation. We can advise on the work required. We can prepare a programme of activity to help you through the process.


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