Environmental Permit Application

Paul Downing

If your industrial or manufacturing business needs to make an environmental permit application to either the Environment Agency or Local Authority under the Pollution Prevention & Control (PPC) or Environmental Permitting (EP) Regulations then you may need the support of an environmental consultant to help you through the maze of legislation and sector guidance associated with the activity.

An environmental permit application may require you to submit a site condition report (H5) in order to establish baseline ground/groundwater conditions – you may be required to restore the land to this condition on surrender of the permit some years later. Most applications require an environmental risk assessment (H1) and an environmental management system (EMS) to be accompanied with the permit application forms themselves.

The complexity of your environmental permit application (standard rules or bespoke) will be determined by your operation and business type and scoping the work required at the outset is the key to preparing a successful “duly made” application.

If you need help with an environmental permit application or supporting surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us direct for a free initial consultation on the work required and a programme of activity to help you through the process.




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