Environmental Compliance

Paul Downing

The term Environmental Compliance covers a wide range of issues that have to be addressed by the modern industrial or manufacturing business in the UK today.

We work with many industry types in differing business sectors but have noticed that requests for help with Environmental Compliance fall into one of three main categories.

  • Certification – The reality of UK manufacturing business today is that clients expect suppliers to have ISO 14001, ISO 9000, OHSAS 18001 or ISO 50001 to prove their EHS credentials. Compliance in this area usually involves setting up a management system to comply with ISO 14001 for example and this environmental compliance area is driven by market demand and forces. There is no regulatory requirement to put in place ISO 14001 (unless you have an environmental permit) but the business situation is such that, if you cannot be placed on the same footing as your competitors you are unlikely to win the bid.
  • Corporate Requirement – Many larger organisations require procedures and processes to be put in place whether the comply to ISO 14001 or other standards. This falls into the corporate governance category. It is driven purely by internal compliance requirements and in many circumstances mirrors the requirements of external management system standards. Business and supplier assurance type environmental compliance work falls into this category, including environmental due diligence for purchase and acquisition of assets or property.
  • Regulatory Requirement – If you are a manufacturer of business in industry you may be required to comply with a plethora of environmental legislation that may apply to your organisation, this may be the requirement for an environmental permit, waste management, carbon reduction commitment, ESOS or an enforcement notice or any other requirement levied on your business by an external regulator. Discharge of environmental conditions in planning  and development come into this category of environmental compliance.

We have over 25 years experience of working with manufacturing and industry to help with compliance to the various environmental requirements expected of UK business. If you are have a particular environmental compliance issue that needs to be addressed please contact us as we have probably seen a similar issue with one of our other clients and you will find that you are not alone in having to comply. Our services are bespoke and we take time to ensure that we can help you through the environmental compliance maze without tying you up in knots.

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