EA Permit Delays

Paul Downing

Although the Environment Agency states that it is working to minimises EA Permit Delays. We are currently experiencing severe delays with EA officers dealing with new applications.

The EA website says that standard rules permits are taking at least 27 weeks and bespoke permits 36 weeks.

We currently have bespoke permit applications of at least 18 month or more on a waiting list. Because we deal with many waste type businesses. This unfortunately means that our clients cannot operate until they have the permit. Although they still have to rent or lease the premises.

Typically standard rules permit would take 3-4 months to be issued. Once the application had been duly made. Most organisations can live with this sort of administrative delay. However delays of 6-12 months for a standard rules permit will have a real bearing on waste recycling businesses and waste operators. They will be unable to operate legally until the permit has been issued.

The Environment Agency are trying to deal with the EA permit delays but in many cases application still seem to be falling into a black hole.

Our advice is to get your permit application in as quickly as possible. Call us today for advice relating to a new permit application or variation to your existing. Please call us on 01428-768 087

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