EA Permit Charges

Paul Downing

EA permit charges vary depending on the type of permit you are applying for. For a standard rules permit you can pay on average £4k to the EA for the initial application. Aso, If the Environment Agency (EA) require you to supply additional surveys, they also charge an additional £1,250 to review each one. Your fee can easily build. There is no guarantee you will receive a permit, so it is a good idea to scope your permit before hand.

Bespoke waste permits cost on average £8-£12k for the initial application. Every permit has a subsistence charge. These charges are usually around 40% of the initial application fee annually.

If you are applying for an “Installation” permit, which is one of the highest tiers of permit. Your initial application fees can easily be £25k+.

The EA publish a large charging document. This lists all application, variation, transfer and surrender fees for all standard rules and bespoke permits. However, It is expected that EA permit charges will increase soon.

Working out your application fee however, involves determining what supporting information you need to submit with the application. Also your geographical context. If your site is close to a SSSI or other sensitive environmental receptor. Your permit fees will be higher.

For more information on Environmental Permit application fees, please call us to discuss your application.

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