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Many industrial (and domestic) effluent treatment plants need a discharge consent. This allows their effluent to discharge into surface waters or the foul sewer network. We can help you apply for the correct type of discharge consent or environmental permit for your particular type of treatment plant. Quite often domestic septic tanks and package plants need an environmental permit from the Environment Agency before it can be authorised for use. For larger industrial facilities you may need to complete a groundwater risk assessment before the consent is granted.

A consent or environmental permit therefore is granted on the environmental context of the discharge content and location settings. As with all environmental permits, additional surveys and data may be required in order for the Environment Agency to make a decision. The grant of a permit is not automatic. Additional surveys may include percolation tests, habitats assessments, ecology surveys, groundwater monitoring or contaminated land surveys.

If you have to apply for a bespoke permit, your application may be advertised to the public. You will need to address their concerns before the permit is issued. The Environment Agency are duty bound to include the public’s concern when determining the grand of permits.

Paul Downing & Associates can help with all aspects of your application to the correct regulator.

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