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Copart is a well known online car auction house. There are others. It allows car dealers to buy damaged vehicles including Cat B vehicles for parts and spares.

The process of obtaining an ELV permit is quite long winded. You will need to allow several months before the permit is granted by the Environment Agency.

If you take parts from a vehicle that is no longer roadworthy. Then you are acting as a vehicle breaker and need an ELV permit. You will also need an ELV permit if you wish to sell parts online such as eBay.

In order to buy Cat B vehicles from Copart you will also need to register as a scrap metal dealer with the local authority. You will also need to apply for a waste carrier licence to transport end of life vehicles (ELV’s).

The process of obtaining an ELV permit is time consuming and not without cost. The smallest permit (750tpa) will still cost you several thousand pounds to obtain. you will need to ensure tht your site meets the fire prevention guidance. This is guidance issued by the EA and is difficult to comply with.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped many companies set up and become registered ATF’s.

Update February 2024.

Please note that we are receiving a number of requests from individuals wanting to buy Cat B vehicles online. If you are not a business and you do not have a yard/unit it is unlikely you will be able to apply to buy a single vehicle. It would also not be cost effective. The smallest ELV permit will cost several thousand pounds and take 6-8 months.

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