Cat B vehicles

Paul Downing

In order to buy Cat B vehicles (Category B vehicles) for example from Copart, which have been classed as a write off, you must be a registered ATF (authorised treatment facility).

We can help you apply for the correct licences and permits to become a registered ATF. You will need to apply for an ELV (end of life vehicles) permit from the Environment Agency.

A standard rules permit will allow you to buy a Cat B vehicle and remove the saleable parts. It will also allow you to depollute the vehicle in accordance to the ELV directive.

In order to apply for an ELV permit you will need to apply for a WAMITAB course and provide supporting information on your depollution site. You will need to submit a fire prevention plan and other documents to prove your site is capable of depolluting cars safely.

The process is lengthy and you may need to invest money in ensuring the site meets the fire prevention guidance. You may need to install new drainage, concrete surfaces, heat cameras and fire suppression equipment.

A standard rules permit will take around 6 months to obtain and a bespoke permit a few months more. You must therefore be prepared to answer lots of questions on how your site is organised. And the features you have in place to prevent pollution to the environment.

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