Energy Auditing

Paul Downing

We have helped several businesses identify energy savings and hence carbon reductions by conducting a thorough energy audit of the business and operations.

When conducting energy auditing it is critical that the scope is right for the purpose you require – you may have to comply with ESOS or another piece of legislation or you may be working your way towards the carbon trust standard or ISO 50001:2011.

For most industrial and manufacturing sites, we would routinely look at

  • Operation of equipment related to manufacturing requirements
  • Compressed air and any other manufacturing energy use
  • Building services (lighting, heating, air-conditioning (if present), domestic hot water, ventilation etc.)
  • Measurement, monitoring and targeting of energy use
  • Company energy management policy
  • Training
  • Efficiency of energy using equipment
  • Control of energy using equipment
  • M&T software or other processes
  • Any other requirement related to the scope and related to the objective identified

Carbon emission reductions can be detailed after the baseline energy audit has been completed by using the DECC conversion figure of 0.45Kg/kWHr. This will enable you to target those areas where carbon reduction and cost savings can be made.

If you are looking to conduct an energy savings audit of your business or produce a carbon reduction strategy, please call us for a no obligation discussion on how best to scope the assessment for your particular purpose.





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