ESOS Audit

Paul Downing

If you think you are covered under the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), then you are probably wondering how best to confirm this and how to go about choosing a compliance route.

We offer a short ESOS audit to confirm that you are covered by ESOS and what your best options for compliance may be.

Our ESOS audit covers:

  • Your organisational structure in relation to ESOS
  • Your current energy management structure and reporting systems
  • What the scope of your ESOS profile (90% energy consumption) will probably cover
  • What you currently have in place that could contribute to ESOS compliance (existing EPC’s, DEC’s or CRC reports etc)
  • Your best options for compliance (ISO 50001 or 4 yearly audit or even a mix of these plus existing formats)
  • A road map for moving forward

If you are interested in reviewing your current profile to determine if you are covered, our initial ESOS audit will provide a stepping stone for gathering  information going forward into the compliance process.

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