Permits For Waste Management

Paul Downing

Industrial Waste Management is about more than just the “nice to do” aspects of environmental policy. Such as glossy reports, seminars and wish lists. If you work in the waste industry, you will know the amount of legislation and directives you have to comply with.

Paul Downing & Associates are an independent consultancy that knows you are in business to earn revenue. We also know that you have to comply with the various pieces of red tape. Such as environmental permits, waste management licences and ISO 14001. We ensure that our waste clients comply with these as well as turning them into value added projects. There is always the potential to save money on environmental and energy projects. It is also a chance to engage the workforce, plus adding addional EWC’s and volumes to your waste management licence

Our philosophy is simple. We take otherwise non-value added compliance projects but ensure that you get some return or added value from the process. Quite often this is simply ensuring that each task is not “overdone” or built up into a larger project than it actually is.

If you are facing a waste permitting or licencing  project or you feel that you want to expand your business activities by applying for a permit variation, please contact us for a straightforward discussion on how we can help.


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