Waste Exemptions

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Paul Downing & Associates are an environmental consultancy who can help you apply for waste exemptions.. Waste exemptions are more restrictive than environmental permits and less costly to administer. However you must be able to meet the published conditions before you can register for them.

There are several types of waste exemptions related to storage, treatment, using or disposing of waste material. The exemptions have an expiry date and providing you keep to the lower thresholds then you are “exempt” from needing to apply for a more onerous environmental permit.

The Environment Agency regulate the exemptions. Apart from those related to using waste in construction activities involving mobile plant. These may be regulated by the local authority. Many operators run the exemptions alongside an environmental permit in order to reduce the cost (or footprint) size of the permitted activity and making the regulatory burden less. If you are a waste management business thinking of applying for an environmental permit, it might be worth looking at the list of exemptions that you can apply for first as there may well be one that suits your purpose better than a full blown permit.

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waste exemptions

waste exemptions


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