Waste And Minerals Planning

Paul Downing

Businesses who operate a waste management facility need a waste and minerals planning consent. The county council deals with waste and mineral planning applications.  If you are a waste management business with an Environment Agency environmental permit, then you are likely to require a waste and minerals planning consent for your business.

Paul Downing & Associates have been working with waste and industrial businesses to help apply for or vary environmental permits and planning applications. It makes sense to use the same consultant for both applications in order to prevent duplication of data and surveys. Timescales for dealing with waste and minerals planning applications can vary. Determination of applications usually take 3-6 months. It is not unusual therefore for the county council to regularly extend the timeframe for making a decision. This may extend the overall process to over a year from application.

Ensuring that the appropriate information has been provided to the council is key. It is difficult however to control objectors to the application. Objective plans and detailed surveys should go some way to dispel and objections. These can be based on a subjective representation. We can help you with dust surveys, odour management plans, transport statements, flood risk assessments and any other supporting survey that may be required to help the process proceed smoothly.

Please contact Paul Downing & Associates today for an informal discussion on how we can help you with your planning application. Or your environmental permit application to the Environment Agency.

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