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Paul Downing & Associates are a multi-disciplinary London Environmental Consultancy . We help property, manufacturing and industrial businesses in London and the south east.

We work with industrial, manufacturing and engineering businesses to help them comply with UK planning and environmental law. This includes permit applications, contaminated land surveys, planning issues and trade effluent discharge. Our clients may be power stations, waste companies, recycling centres, manufacturing, food factories and data centres. Businesses that produces waste or leads to industrial emissions regulated by either the local authority or the Environment Agency.

London Environmental Consultancy

We have experience in applying for, varying and surrendering environmental permits, planning applications and waste licences. Hence we can provide all of the surveys and reports required to ensure that your regulated industry stays on the right side of UK legislation. As a London Environmental Consultancy we can therefore help your south east based business comply with the following.

Each of our clients operates differing businesses under the same legislation, therefore the work that we conduct for each is also highly bespoke and what works for a power station will not work therefore for a paper mill. We therefore take time to understand you goals and design and scope a piece of work that will help you achieve this in the most time efficient manner.

Also in order to provide the comprehensive portfolio of services that may be required for a complicated planning application or environmental permit application, we work with a number of industry specialists. We have several associates who can provide support as and when required.

Finally, if you require need to solve a particular environmental issue and require the services of a London Environmental Consultancy. Please call us now for an informal discussion. 07790147084.

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