FPP – Fire Prevention Plan

Paul Downing

An FPP or Fire Prevention Plan is a pre-requisite document that must be approved by the Environment Agency. The FPP must accompany any  environmental permit application for a process that involves the storage of combustible waste. A number of standard rules permits require FPP’s as do bespoke permits. Combustible waste definition is given in the FPP guidance produced by the EA. Do not underestimate the time and resources required to comply with the guidance. You may need to spend on infrastructure upgrades.

These documents are not easy to produce and the guidance is not easy to comply with. If you have a small site and the 6m clearance between waste piles cannot be met then this may prove difficult. You will therefore need access to water for firefighting, Fire detection & suppression equipment. You will have to undergo appropriate training and above all comply with all 18 points  in the guidance.

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