Environmental Permit Surrender and Variation for LKM

Paul Downing

London Kent Metals have been upgrading and expanding their operations in the south-east and their operations at Chatham Docks and this has involved environmental permit surrender, variation and new permit applications for several of their sites.

Paul Downing & Associates have been working with LKM for the last 3 years to help with surrendering of older style waste management licences and applying for newer standard rules and bespoke environmental permits as well as applying for variations to cover new operations such as the shredder facility in Sittingbourne.

The waste management permitting system which is regulated by the Environment Agency puts tight controls on companies such as LKM and ensures that the protection of the environment is paramount when any work is considered for a new permit or the surrender and clean- up associated with an older style waste management licence.

Some of the surveys involved in recent work has involved

  • Site Condition Reports
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage
  • Pest Control Planning
  • Fire Prevention Plans and Risk Assessment
  • Dust Management Plans
  • Odour Management Plans
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Drainage Risk Assessments
  • WAMITAB Training
  • Traffic Assessment
  • Ecology Surveys
  • Noise and Vibration Surveys

The permit process can be lengthy and involved and may include consultations with the public and other interested parties. Typically a permit application can take from 4-12 months to be fully completed from start of work to grant by the regulator. Fire Prevention Plans for the waste sector are at present difficult to get approved. An environmental permit surrender can be equally as complicated as an initial application due to the fact that you have to prove that no pollution above the original baseline has occurred during operation of the site.

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