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We can help you apply for an Environment Agency Waste Licence if you are staring a new waste recycling or waste recovery business.

Starting A new Waste Recycling Business

Starting a waste recycling business is quite daunting. You must acquire are several licenses and permits before you can start to operate. There are also quite stringent requirements on the training required of new waste recycling operators. More details on training can be found on the WAMITAB website.

Site Location

Fundamental to starting a new business and getting the right Environment Agency Waste Licence is the location. If your proposed site is located close to a Site Of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI),  or other designated sensitive area, your application will be more complex that a facility in a remote area away from sensitive receptors. If you are proposing to recycle or store combustible material such as paper, plastic or cardboard then you will also have to ensure that the site is large enough to comply with the Fire Prevention Plan guidance (FPP). This requires a 6m boundary around the perimeter and around building where you cannot store waste. If you have a small site this may pose a problem.

You have decided on a site location and are happy that it meets the requirements above and is far enough away from environmentally sensitive areas. It has enough room to store the waste you want to treat bearing in mind the FPP guidance. Your next concern therefore is planning status. Waste operations are regulated by County Councils and not the local authority. Your chosen site may have B8 or B2 status from the local authority enabling storage or light commercial activity, however, if you are planning to operate a waste recycling facility you will need to apply to the County Council for a “Waste & Minerals Planning Application“. This is a totally separate regime to the local authority and you therefore cannot just apply for “Change of Use”.

We Can Help You Apply For An Environment Agency Waste Licence

Paul Downing & Associates have helped numerous companies with both an “Environment Agency Waste Licence” and “Waste & Minerals Planning Applications”.

Call us today if you would like more information on one or the other or even both.

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