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We can help you become an ELV-ATF (end of life vehicles authorised treatment facility). You will need to apply for the correct environmental ELV permit from the Environment Agency.

Becoming an elv-atf is not as easy as it once was due to the fire prevention plan requirements now placed on sites dismantling end of life vehicles. All yards must be able to store vehicles with a 6m clearance area around combustible waste piles. They must be able to demonstrate that they have access to enough water supplies in order to fight. This makes it difficult, especially for smaller dismantlers to meet the cost of upgrading their facility to meet the new guidance. We can help with the production of fire prevention plans and all of the other requirements in becoming an ATF.

More information on how to become an ATF professional can be found in the link.


To find out more on how to become an ATF professional, please call us for an informal discussion and we can help you with the following aspects of the business.


  • Planning applications
  • Environmental Permits
  • Fire Prevention Plans
  • Site Condition Reports
  • Standard Rules Permits
  • Bespoke Permits
  • Site Selection
  • Water Supplies
  • Site Layout
  • Sealed Drainage Systems

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