Crusher Environmental Permit

Paul Downing

If you are looking for a crusher environmental permit and screen construction and demolition waste in a mobile plant, then you will need to apply to the Local Authority for a crusher environmental permit. This allows you to crush or screen construction waste at a site where it was produced or a site where they waste will be used.

If however you are looking to import waste to a permanent transfer station then crush and screen it before selling the products onto the public or trade, you will need an environmental permit from the Environment Agency before you can operate.

The local authority part B permit is time limited and you have to give notice as to when and where you will be operating the crusher. The environmental permit from the Environment Agency is for a permanent treatment facility and will take far more time and resources to obtain.

Paul Downing & Associates can help you apply for the right type of permit or licence whatever your intended operation. In order to help you through the maze of environmental legislation and get a quote for how long the application will take and how much it will cost, please call us today for an informal discussion on 07790147084.



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