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Paul Downing

In order to buy CAT B Vehicle from an online auction house such as CoPart. You will need an End of Life Vehicle permit (ELV). Also know as an environmental permit.

We have worked with many businesses to set up their yards in order to buy Cars for Breaking and strip them of their parts to re-sell.

We have recently had a number of calls from individuals wanting to buy a single CAT B vehicle online. They then ask how do I get an ELV permit? We have written about this exclusively in other blogs.

As an individual to buy a single breaker vehicle, it simply won’t be worth your while. You need to have a yard/unit with an ELV permit attached. Even the smallest ELV permit (750 tpa) will cost several thousand pounds to obtain and take 6-8 months to obtain.

Put simply – if you are looking to buy a single CAT B Vehicle therefore as a one off – don’t bother asking about an ELV permit. The process for applying for an ELV permit applies to businesses and scrap yards who intend to make this their full time business. It is complex and lengthy process to apply for an ELV permit.

If you are looking to make a business out of breaking vehicles. Please call us. You will need to supply a post code as the permit is tied to a piece of land.

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