Bespoke Waste Environmental Permit

Paul Downing

Bespoke waste environmental permit application to the Environment Agency? Do you need to apply?

If so then we have a track record of helping waste businesses apply and obtain environmental permits.

If you cannot apply for a standard rules permit then you need a bespoke waste environmental permit. It has conditions and volumes in it particular to your operation. You may have to apply for a bespoke waste permit if you are close to a SSSI or SPA.

A bespoke permit is more complicated and expensive than a standard rules permit. You will also need to submit supporting surveys.

We have complied a list below of how bespoke permits differ from standard rules permits, the list is not exhaustive:

  • Advertised like planning applications
  • More costly
  • More application forms
  • Usually require more in depth supporting surveys
  • Determination time is usually longer
  • Conditions tailored to your business
  • Tends to involve more schedule 5 requests for information from the EA
  • Classed a higher public interest in some cases
  • Can potentially have a higher impact on the environment
  • Are quite often close to sensitive environmental areas such as SSSI’s, SPA’s etc..
  • Usually involve higher volumes & throughput
  • Higher subsistence fees
  • Audited more frequently by the EA

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