Who Needs An Environmental Permit?

Paul Downing

Who needs an Environmental Permit? – Business activities listed in schedule 1, part 2 of the environmental permitting regulations.

If your business activity is listed in the EP regs, and you are therefore above the thresholds. You will need to apply for an environmental permit.

Depending on the scale of your activity, you will either need a part A permit or a part B permit. The EA regulates Part A activities. Environment Agency. The Local authority regulates Part B activities (lesser polluting).

Paul Downing & Associates have helped all types of waste and manufacturing businesses. We also have experience of commercial and industrial process emissions and regulations. We can therefore provide all of the required surveys and report to support a duly made permit application.

There are several types of permit and who needs an environmental permit? will depend on your activity, scale & location. Because it is an “environmental” permit everything therefore depends on location. Are you next to a SSSI, river, aquifer, ancient woodland etc..

We can identify if you need a permit and the scale of your activity i.e. regulated by the local authority or Environment Agency

If you need clarification on whether you think you are obligated, please call Paul Downing & Associates Ltd for clarification.

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