Water Discharges

Paul Downing

Water discharges from either a domestic process or trade can be discharges to a foul sewer or surface or groundwater. The local water company regulates trade effluent. This requires a trade effluent consent. The Environment Agency regulates surface and groundwater. These require an environmental permit.

The process for applying for trade effluent consents therefore is different than for environmental permits. We can help you with both types of application. We can help with application forms, data, rainfall calculations and surveys. Such information, is required as part of the application process because composition of the effluent is also important.

Whether you process requires a permit or consent also depends on the following;

  • Where the water discharges
  • What volume is discharges
  • The flow rate
  • It’s composition
  • The process it come from and also any pre treatment
  • Where your process is located
  • Whether it is domestic or industrial
  • If you are on an industrial estate or isolated

Paul Downing & Associates has helped several companies apply. Whether you have a trade effluent from cooling water, or food processing. Perhaps you also have a domestic treatment plant and need to discharge to a local stream.

Call us about water discharges, trade effluent consents and environmental permits. Call us today for more information on an informal audit or discussion about your site.

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