Waste Recycling Permit

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Waste Recycling Permit

In order to operate a successful waste transfer station you will need a waste recycling permit from the Environment Agency .

The waste recycling permit or environmental permit states the conditions under which you can operate. Conditions will include tonnages allowed, types of waste you can import and the treatment activities you can undertake. The process of getting a permit can be lengthy. You should allow up to 4-5 months for a Standard Rules Permit. Longer if you are applying for a bespoke operation.

Waste recycling permits for non-hazardous and inert activities are relatively straight forward to apply. Permits for hazardous activities are slightly more complicated therefore due to the additional risk assessments required. Hazardous waste activities must be risk assessed to ensure that no harm to the environment occurs.

Paul Downing & Associates have years of experience in helping businesses apply for and obtain permits for all sorts of industrial activity. We have worked with waste transfer stations and recycling centres & above all, ELV ATF’s. Should you require further information please call us today for an informal discussion on 07790147084.

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