Waste Recovery Plan

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A waste recovery plan is sometimes required to accompany an environmental permit application to the Environment Agency. This will determine if your proposed operation is waste recovery or waste disposal. Recovery is the process of using waste instead of a virgin material for a valid purpose. Disposal tend to be the end point i.e. landfill.


For many environmental permits, especially those related to the re-use of construction waste (footings etc) which might be used in the building of roads, or raising land to stop it flooding. The waste recovery plan details why you want to carry out this activity. It qualifies that there is a real need for this operation to take place. This step is obviously required by the EA to prevent fictitious uses of waste on a contrived activity such as a noise bund around a farm. Here there is no real reason for the bund. Apart from an easy way to get rid of the waste and avoid landfill costs. Details such as planning consents and financial models all have to e submitted. In order for the EA to determine if your proposed operation is waste disposal or waste recovery.

If it is deemed that your proposed operation is a valid waste recovery activity. You will be allowed to apply for one of the environmental permits that require such a waste recovery plan such as SR2010 No7.

Paul Downing & Associates have helped several clients apply for an environmental permit. We have submitted the required waste recovery plans prior to permit application in order to ensure that the application is a valid activity.

If you are looking to recover construction or other waste in a valid activity then we can help you. We can put together the waste recovery plan and the subsequent environmental permit application. Call us today for further information on how we can help you with this process.

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