Waste Exemptions Changing

Paul Downing

Waste exemptions changing in 2024. Does this affect your small waste recycling business? Read on to see what changes are being made and what new conditions are being added to others.

If the waste exemption you work under is being removed, you may need to apply for an environmental permit.

Because many small businesses rely on waste exemptions therefore rather than go through the complicated process of applying for an environmental permit. Unfortunately the waste exemptions have been widely abused over the years. Many organisations register for them then forget about them. Five years later their business has doubled in size and they can no longer meet the conditions in them. for this reason the Environment Agency have published a broad brush overhaul of the waste exemption system.

With the waste exemptions changing in the near future. As a result, You may need to reconsider applying for an environmental permit should you wish to continue operating. We can help you with this process. We have helped numerous successfully apply for and obtain a full permit from the EA. Call us on 07790147084 should you wish to have more information on how the changes to waste exemptions may affect your business.

You can read about all the changes to waste exemptions therefore here https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/reducing-crime-at-sites-handling-waste-and-introducing-fixed-penalties-for-waste-duty-of-care/outcome/supplementary-government-response

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