Waste Exemption Changes

Paul Downing

Waste Exemption changes

Waste exemptions have been an easy way for operators to start a waste recycling business. However, they have been open to abuse. Many operators register for the exemption. Only then they forget to keep within the limited restrictions as their business grows.

Waste Exemption Changes 2024

In 2024 the Environment Agency will start to make changes to the current list of waste exemptions. Most notably the T9 exemption, recovery of scrap metal, will be removed. This will mean that operators who recycle metals will need to apply for an environmental permit.

Whether they will need to apply for a standard rules permit or a bespoke permit will depend on several factors. Namely;

  • Site location relative to environmental receptors
  • Volumes of waste to be treated
  • Waste codes required (EWC’s)
  • Treatment types (sorting, shredding etc)
  • location of nearby aquifers and springs

The U16 exemption for the use of car parts to refurbish classic cars will also be removed as this has been widely abused by those in the car breaking industry.

These waste exemption changes will have a profound impact on some of the smaller scale waste operators. Many will simply go out of business. Others will apply for the appropriate permit at significant cost.

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