Waste And Minerals Planning Application

Paul Downing

As well as an Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency. All waste recycling businesses should ensure they have the right planning status. For major waste businesses this is a waste and minerals planning application. These are usually issued by the county council and are very complex projects. Some smaller businesses may be able to operate under B2. Light industrial and commercial planning. These are issued by the local authority and are easier to achieve.

In order to submit a successful waste and minerals planning application several surveys are required. These may include: transport, noise, lighting, environmental, habitats, traffic surveys amongst others. The process is lengthy. Quite a few application for waste facilities meet with objections from residents and neighbours.

If you are looking to set up a new waste management business. Paul Downing & Associates have helped many companies with both planning and permits. Some of the surveys required may be duplicated in each application. Although a permit is operational whereas planning is land use, so a slightly different focus.

For an initial discussion on either your permit application or planning status. Give us a call on either 077901 47084 or 01428 768087. We can guide you through the process for each application.

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