Transfer Environmental Permit

Paul Downing

If you feel the process of applying for a new environmental permit is too onerous. You can apply to transfer environmental permit from an existing company into your company name. You will need to operate on the same piece of land as the permit, so will need to take over that operation.

The process to transfer environmental permit is not as difficult as applying for a new permit, however you do have to find a site willing to transfer their yard and permit to you in the first place.

You will have to have the correct WAMITAB certification and agree to run the operation in accordance to the conditions on the permit.

By transferring the permit across to your company you take on all legal liability. You are responsible for compliance with the permit. You will have responsibility for the land tied to the permit.

To transfer a permit to someone else is much easier than surrendering a permit. This is easier for the original company. If they had to surrender the permit this would be a larger obligation for them.

If you would like help applying to the Environment Agency to apply for a permit transfer. Call Paul Downing & Associates for further details.

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