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Paul Downing

Paul Downing & Associates act as a sustainability consultant for several clients by advising on resource management and waste minimisation. We can provide all of the consultancy advice and information required to help with your sustainability goals to give your company a competitive edge and to plan where to minimise your environmental impact.

One of the first tasks any any sustainability consultant will undertake is to measure your current impact on the environment and then to weigh this up with legislation and other external regulatory or client/share holder driven restrictions in order to be able to produce a sustainability plan going forward. Any subsequent plan for greening your business may then include actions and goals for

  • Minimising waste production
  • Minimising water use
  • Being more energy efficient
  • Using less raw materials
  • Producing an auditable  action plan

The drivers for these goals are many and varied – you may have to produce a plan as part of a voluntary scheme such as the carbon disclosure project or there may be a regulatory improvement plan imposed on you by the Environment Agency as part of an environmental permit 

The term “Sustainability” is a very large umbrella term meaning different thing to different people in different contexts, however it is usually understood in business to mean – conducting business in a profitable way which does not conflict with the environment or the impacts of the business have a minimal impact on the environment and are managed to ensure the future of both the business and the environment in which it operates. Most sustainability consultants are environmental consultants who also consult on wider environmental issues such as permitting, waste and management systems.

If you are looking to implement a sustainability action plan in your organisation, please give us a call for an informal discussion on how best to achieve your aims.

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