Skip Hire Permit

Paul Downing

A Skip Hire Permit is required if you want to rent out skips. Especially if you recycle the returning waste in your yard. You will need an environmental permit.

Whether you are looking to manually sort the waste or have some sort of treatment like a grader or trommel. You will need to choose the most suitable permit for your process. Here at Paul Downing & Associates we apply for an achieve many permits on behalf of our skip hire clients. You will therefore need to apply to the Environment Agency.

Before you apply for a skip hire permit you will need to read the fire prevention plan guidance. There are restrictions on how you manage waste piles and ensure fire prevention. We can help with all aspects of this process. We can also provide guidance on fire detection (CCTV) and fire suppression to meet the guidance.

The process for the application can be lengthy. Allow 5-7 months for a permit to come through. You may have to pay rent for the premises but not be able to operate during this time.

Please make sure you have identified a yard before you call us, we can do nothing without a site location and postcode.

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