Setting Up A New ELV Business

Paul Downing

Here is our latest article on ATF professional. Subject – setting up a new ELV business & getting a new vehicle depollution permit.

Paul Downing & Associates have been helping businesses apply for ELV permits. We can help you become a registered ATF and regulated car breaker.

ATF professional is the source to go to for online resources about starting a new ELV business in the UK. If you are setting up a new business, we can help you review your yard and facilities. You may need to invest in drainage, racking, water sources, security, CCTV and other infrastructure. All of these requirements are part of the Environment Agency’s Fire Prevention Guidance.

The decision as to whether the investment is worth it will be up to you to decide. If you are a small breaker then the costs may not offset the potential income you may receive. If you are planning to break cars at scale then it may become financially viable. The EA are only interested in issuing permits to organisations who can fully comply with the guidance and regulations. We can help you comply.

For further information about obtaining the correct environmental/ELV permit and planning permission please contact us on 01428 768 087.

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