Scrap Metal Permit

Paul Downing

A scrap metal permit will be required if you are a waste management business looking to import metals into your waste transfer station to treat and sort. The scrap metal permit required can either be a standard rules environmental permit or a bespoke environmental permit. A standard rules permit has pre-set conditions in it but a bespoke environmental permit will allow you to specify waste tonnages and metal types in it. The charges for a bespoke scrap metal permit will be much higher than that of a standard rules permit.

Many waste transfer stations focus on specific metal types, ferrous or non-ferrous, agricultural machinery or end of life vehicles (ELV’s). In addition the type of treatment applied to the scrap metals may be hand sorting, size reduction, shredding, baling cutting or crushing. Each activity and treatment type must be registered with the Environment Agency in the form of a scrap metal permit.

In order to apply for an environmental permit you must provide supporting surveys such as noise and vibration surveys, dust management plans, contaminated land reports, environmental waste acceptance procedures and fire prevention plans to the Environment Agency in order to make a duly made permit. The eEnvironment Agency will then take several month to determine your permit after asking you to provide more details on the proposed activities you have applied for. The environmental context is important i.e. what is acceptable at one location is not necessarily acceptable at another for the same operation due to the proximity of SSSI’s and nature reserves and special protection areas etc.

If you are looking to apply for a standard rules or bespoke environmental permit for a scrap metal operation or ELV site, please contact us for further information on what is required at your chosen location and how we can best help you achieve the right compliance outcome for your business.


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