Scrap Metal Licence

Paul Downing

You may need a scrap metal licence if you intend to recycle end of life vehicles or metals.

This licence or environmental permit is similar to a planning application to apply for. There are several different types with ferrous/non ferrous metals and other waste types included in the permit conditions. The Environment Agency issue these permits but there are several hoops to jump through.

A scrap metal licence is not to be confused with a registered scrap metal dealers licence. This is fairly straight forward to apply for, obtained from the local council. This is not a difficult process.

This licence will also require you to comply with the EA’s fore prevention plan guidance which is quite onerous.

You will therefore need to ensure you have adequate water supplies to fight fires and will need to be able to contain this contaminated water on site after a fire so that is does not pollute the environment.

In order to obtain this licence you will therefore need to submit a duly made application to the Environment Agency. After several months of questions about your site. You will also be granted a permit to import and treat scrap metal. Your company will also be placed on a EA register. You will regulated (audited) by the EA on a regular basis.

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