Phase 1 Desktop Survey

Paul Downing

We have seen a significant increase in the number of requests from private individuals, manufacturers and property developers for a Phase 1 Desktop Survey.

Quite often the local planning authority requests these as a planning condition in order to ensure that the site is free from ground contamination or has not been affected by contamination from a neighbouring property such as an industrial or manufacturing unit during the application stage. It is then used as a benchmark for further development in the future.

A Phase 1 Desktop survey looks at environmental context and previous site uses, then puts these together with any local sensitive receptors in order to come up with a conceptual site model risk assessing the contaminative potential for the site. The Environment Agency regularly request these for bespoke permit applications.

If you need to discharge a planning condition by conducting a Phase 1 Desktop Survey or need to apply for an environmental permit then we can help you to identify environmental risk in financial terms so that you can be fully informed of the land or property purchase you are about to undertake.

For more information about what is involved in a desktop survey, call us today for an obligation free quote.

Phase 1 Desktop Survey




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