Permit Transfer

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Your business may consider an environmental permit transfer if you are taking over an existing regulated facility. You must agree to run the business in a similar manner to the way it was previously. Once the permit transfer is complete you can of course apply again the vary the permit. You may add additional EWC types or increase the volumes or add treatment activity types.

Although not essential for a permit transfer, it is always a good idea to undertake a site condition report to establish to current pollution potential of the site. This can act as an insurance in the future if you decide to surrender the permit at a later date. It would be in your interest to find and pollution linkages now. This will demonstrate that you are not the sole contributor to any soil or groundwater contamination. The Environment Agency will also want to be satisfied that you will be able to operate the site in a competent manner. You must already have a WAMITAB qualification.

Permit Transfer Process

You should ensure that you are clear about the operation and the assets that you are taking over before you start the transfer process.

The old owner of the environmental permit will be keen to ensure that the permit is transferred to you. This is because this absolves him of any liabilities on the operational and land quality aspects of the permit area. You will be liable for any land quality issues such as drainage, flooding, contaminated land, surface water discharge etc etc. It is in your best interests to ensure you are 100% clear on what you are taking on before starting the permit transfer process.

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