Permit Applications During Lockdown

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Permit Applications During Covid-19 Lockdown

Paul Downing & Associates are still operating as usual. Apart from site visits, most work required for a permit applications during lockdown can proceed as normal.

We can conduct most of our business remotely once we have visited your site for an initial review. The application process remains unchanged and all documentation can be produced and submitted to the Environment Agency from our offices.

If you are looking for help with a permit application for a waste management or manufacturing facility, use the current downtime to process and update your current permits and licences.

The Environment Agency may have slightly longer determination times. In some case this may lead to a delay in processing your application. If you need the permit to operate don’t delay in submitting the paperwork as operating without one may put your business at risk.

Permit applications during lockdown and the period soon after will proceed as normal. However, you should allow much longer for the whole process. For more information on how the delayed process may impact upon your business’s ability to operate, call one of our consultants today.

Call us today for details on waste permit applications, variations and surrender or drop us an email. 01428 768 087.

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