ISO 50001 Easiest Route to ESOS Compliance

Paul Downing

ISO 50001 energy management systems & ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) requires large undertakings – organisations with more than 250 employees or a turnover of more than 50 million Euros – to undertake regular energy audits and assess the energy consumption profile of the organisation. The regulations fall short of actually requiring you to implement any measures from the audit findings but it is expected that the payback identified in the audits will drive this forward.

The next qualification date is the 31/12/14 and it should be noted that organisations need to meet the two year rule (accounts for two years previous re the thresholds above) to qualify for ESOS. If your organisation has grown recently or shrunk recently you may not have two years worth of accounts to meet the turnover/qualification criteria.

The first compliance date for the scheme is 5/12/15 and there are a number of mechanisms by which you can comply, however for most organisations the adoption of ISO 50001:2011 means automatic compliance to ESOS as long as you are certified within the compliance period.

If you need further information on whether you are covered by ESOS or need help implementing ISO 50001, please call us for an informal no obligation discussion.

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