H1 Risk Assessment

Paul Downing

An H1 Risk Assessment is used to identify what risks are associated with your waste or industrial site.

The assessment is a prescribed methodology approved by the Environment Agency. There are different types of risk assessments for waste, installations or water discharge permit applications.

It is based on the probability/consequence risk assessment methodology.

All environmental permit applications will require an H1 Risk Assessment.

To identify which pollutant activities need to be assessed. You will therefore need to screen in/out air, water, soil, or waste activities.

Because the risk assessment methodology for an installations permit is different to that of a waste facility. The EA provide a spread sheet in order to complete this risk assessment.

A good risk assessment, in other words, will take into account emissions, pathways and receptors. We regularly update or produce H1 risk assessments for new permit applications. Risk assessments are therefore required for various applications. Applications, transfers, variations and permit surrenders.

If you do not complete a good risk assessment. Your application may therefore be rejected.

Paul Downing and Associates Ltd have experience of producing risk assessments for a wide range of industrial processes.

Should you need the help of an experienced consultant, please contact us in the first instance for an informal discussion.

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